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We moved!!

September 1, 2010

Hey Everyone It’s me Midnight5824 and i am just letting you know that we moved now my new Webbie Is: so don’t come on this site anymore!! Peace out and i hope you like my new site !!




I Am Back And Leaving Again

August 23, 2010

Hey Everyone It’s Midnight5824 Just To Let You Know I Am back And I Am Leaving Again We Are Going Some Where And I Am Away For Two Days This Time I Am Leaving On Wed. August 25th And Coming Back On August 27th

Peace out Peeps!



August 19, 2010

Hello Everyone,

It’s Midnight Here And I Want To Let you know that i am gone capming for Four days starting todayand i will come back to the real world on  sunday but i hope that mimi will keep posting for me !!!

Series 9 Treasure Book Secrets (by Mimi)

July 15, 2010

Hey penguins!

Series nine has come out and it has some amazing new stuff!!! :D

Here are all of the secrets:

That`s all of the secrets. Now, here is the one page with exclusives!

That`s everything covered now! :D

Thanks for reading penguins!


Sneak Peek Update

July 15, 2010

Hello Penguins,

We had some great comments on last week’s sneak peek, a lot of you are excited about what’s coming up. We wanted to confirm that a BRAND NEW feature will be launching at the end of the month, and here’s a closer look…
See if you can guess what they are. Here’s a hint – you’ll need to collect them. And there are A LOT of them.
I think they’re stamps, but I could be wrong you never know! ;)

New Better Igloos Catalog Secrets

July 15, 2010

Hiya penguins!

Club Penguin has released the new Netter Igloos catalog. This means new secrets and awesome new stuff!!! :D It’s double awesome because they’ve brought the old stuff back. :D

Sorry, my prt scr button isn’t working so I will just tell you where the secrets are.

(I will add pictures later)

1. Click the second circle on the speaker to get the Quarter note.

2. Click the second plate on the Dj table to get the Drum kit.

3. Click the third reflection on the Disco ball to get the Guitar stand.

4. Click the first dot on the eighth note to get the music stand.

That’s all of the igloo catalog secrets! Remember I will post pictures so you can find the secrets more accurately.

~-Mimi40751-~ and Midnight5824

New Newspaper

July 15, 2010

Hiya everyone!

Club Penguin has released a new issue of the Club Penguin times.

To view the newspaper right now, Click here.

Up Coming Events:

  • DJ3K Game Update
  • New Lighthouse catalog starting July 19
  • Penguin Style Catalog starting August 6
  • Better Igloos Catalog starting August 20
  • New Pin starting July 30-August 12

That’s all the news for now penguins!